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SkyRC Nitro Engine Heater (Part# SK-600066)

The SKYRC engine heater uses technology similar to that used by Formula 1, Indy Car and NASCAR Teams! It will properly pre-heat your engine to 60-70C in 10 minutes based on ambient temperature. SKYRC engine heater will pre-heat all the critical parts of your nitro engine, giving you a minimal of stress and wear on the engine. It help relieve the s..


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SkyRC E3 Charger - RCM Approved - (Part# SK-100081)

Features of the SkyRC Part #: SK-100081 AC Input: 100-240VC, 50-60Hz Battery Type: LiPo Cell Count: 2-3 cells Charge Current: 1.2A Max Cell Terminate Voltage: 4.2V ± 0.02V Circuit Power: 11W ± 10% Dimension: 88x57x35mm Weight: 103g ..


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SkyRC E6650 LiPo Balance Charger - RCM Approved - (Part# SK-100010)

SKYRC e6650 features the so-called AUTO function that set the feeding current during the process of charging or discharging. Especially for lithium batteries, it can prevent the overcharging which may lead to an explosion due to the user's fault. It can disconnect the circuit automatically and alarm once detecting any malfunction. All the programs ..


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SkyRC Temperature Sensor - (Part# SK-600040-01)

SkyRC Temperature Sensor - (Part# SK-600040-01)SkyRC Part #: SK-600040-01Plug the battery to be charged into the charger. Select the correct battery chemistry type Plug the temperature sensor into the port of charger Secure the sensor to the battery pack using the supplied hook-and-loop strap. Ensure the area beneath the sensor is free of dirt and ..



SkyRC T6200 Charger 12A DC Touch - (Part# SK-100072-01)

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