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HoBao Hyper VSe Buggy 1:8 Brushless 4WD RTR (Red)

Meet HoBao's new next generation 1:8 scale buggy. Meet the Hyper VSe. It is designed and built to be a true race ready rc buggy straight out of the box and comes factory fitted with the powerful HobbyWing Brushless System. To ensure the new buggy is of the highest quality and standards, HoBao moved its focus to material selection, manufacturin..


$533.00 $597.00

HoBao Hyper Sprint Car 1:8 Nitro 4WD RTR (Green)

Hobao's 1/8 scale oval track sprint car, the Hyper Sprint, is back by popular demand. The car is based on tried and true Hyper 8.5 chassis and it is extremely realistic and true to scale. The car features 2.4GHz radio, Hyper 21 turbo head engine, 4 wheel drive system and large adjustable wings to provide the power, acceleration and drifti..


$463.00 $559.00

HoBao Hyper 10SCe Short Course Truck 1:10 Electric 4WD ARR Rolling Chassis

This 1/10 scale electric rolling chassis short course truck is a kick in the pants 1/10th scale 4 wheel drive (4x4) short course truck kit that is competitive right out of the box. This truck is right at home on the track running with 1/8th scale nitros and electrics. No more having to hide in the corners waiting for the bad 1/8th bullies..


$232.00 $269.00

HoBao Hyper 10SC Short Course Truck 1:10 Nitro 4WD RTR (Blue)

Short Course is one of the fastest growing classes in RC. The Hyper 10SC was designed and built to the highest standards and it is one of the highest quality trucks available in the market today. The Hyper 10SC is race ready right out of the box so there is no need to save up for other parts. The remote contolled truck comes as a RTR package, equip..


$371.00 $479.00

HoBao Hyper GT On Road 1:8 Nitro 4WD RTR with Hyper 21 (Dark Grey)

HoBao Hyper GT On Road 1:8 Nitro 4WD RTR with Hyper 21 (Dark Grey)..


$513.00 $679.00

HoBao Hyper H2 Buggy 1:10 Electric 2WD ARR Rolling Chassis

2WD 1/0th scale off road racing is becoming a cost effective alternative for some and HoBao have recognised this with their new H2 2WD buggy platform. Marketed in a Pro and Club Roller format, the H2 is attracting a whole new legion of HoBao fans previously restricted to nitro nuts.This Club Roller comes 80% ready to go. Coming factory built, all y..

Out Of Stock

$144.00 $179.00

HoBao Hyper 10 Touring Car 1:10 Nitro 4WD RTR (Red)

Running on a budget? Then we have the answer with the Hyper 10 Nitro Touring Car RTR (Red version). This updated touring car provides first time enthusiasts with an inexpensive, yet competitive package for an amazingly low price. By including a whole range of features normally reserved for more expensive RTR vehicles the Hyper 10 can provide the us..


$329.00 $439.00

HoBao 2.6 x 8mm Bind Head - (Part# 36208)

HoBao 2.6 x 8mm Bind Head - (Part# 36208)HoBao Part #: 36208Package Contents: 10 piecesCompatible WithHyper SS BuggyHyper SS Cage BuggyHyper SSe Cage BuggyHyper TT TruggyHyper TTe Truggy..


$1.50 $1.95

HoBao 8P Engine Sticker Decal - (Part# HB-D8)

HoBao 8P Engine Sticker Decal - (Part# HB-D8)HoBao Part #: HB-D8Package Contents: 1 piece..

Out Of Stock

$5.00 $8.50

HoBao Ackerman Rod 52mm Hyper 10E - (Part# 11071)

HoBao Ackerman Rod Hyper 10E - (Part# 11071)HoBao Part #: 11071..


$4.20 $6.95

HoBao Adjustable Insert Set - (Part# 90022)

HoBao Adjustable Insert Set - (Part# 90022)HoBao Part #: 90022Compatible WithHyper SS BuggyHyper SS Cage BuggyHyper SSe BuggyHyper SSe Cage BuggyHyper SS TruggyHyper GTBe OnroadHyper GTB..


$5.20 $7.95

HoBao Air Filter Base and Cap - (Part# 86040)

HoBao Air Filter Base and Cap - (Part# 86040)HoBao Part #: 86040Compatible WithHyper 7TQ BuggyHyper SS BuggyHyper SS Cage BuggyHyper SS TruggyHyper VS BuggyHyper MT Monster TruckHyper ST TruggyHyper GTB..


$7.00 $9.95

HoBao Air Filter Foam - (Part# 88063)

HoBao Air Filter Foam - (Part# 88063)HoBao Part #: 88063Compatible WithHyper Sprint CarHyper MT Monster TruckHyper ST Truggy..

Out Of Stock

$7.30 $10.95

HoBao Air Filter Holder VS GP - (Part# 85008)

HoBao Air Filter Holder VS GP - (Part# 85008)HoBao Part #: 85008Compatible WithHyper VS Buggy..


$4.90 $7.50

HoBao Allen Driver Set Metric in Hard Case - (Part# MET4)

HoBao Allen Driver Set Metric in Hard Case - (Part# MET4)HoBao Part #: MET4Package Contents: 4 pieces1.5mm Hex2.0mm Hex2.5mm Hex3.0mm Hex ..


$33.00 $45.00

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